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Retirement Planning

Retirement is at the forefront of many of our minds and we know that this transition can seem overwhelming at times. Our clients have worked hard to create their wealth for today and for their families tomorrow. Managing wealth transfer for generations to come is a complex process that requires careful planning, expertise and considerations.

We can help make sense of it all by analyzing each client or family’s income sources, including company-sponsored retirement plans, individual retirement accounts (IRAs), taxable savings and investment accounts and Social Security.

Preparing before and during your retirement can potentially maximize capital accumulation and distribution strategies and minimize taxes. We also help formulate lifetime income strategies aimed at maximizing benefits from employer-sponsored plans and Social Security. Additionally, we will include Medicare planning in our analysis. If need be, we can also provide quotes on supplemental plans and help connect our clients to a reputable insurance company.

We can also play a trusted role in providing order to your financial affairs, assisting with tax planning strategies, simplifying your estate settlement and providing guidance for your family and heirs. We can review the titling of your financial accounts, discuss your ultimate goals for the disposition of your assets, and help you plan your legacy for generations to come.

Estate planning should focus on your values and goals to help establish what matters most to you and what you would like your legacy to be. Our estate and legacy planning addresses how to capture and transfer family traditions and values, as well as strategies for protecting financial wealth for current and future generations. The key is to identify the assets you want protected and the potential harms from which you want protection. Then, we will work with you to determine if there is a way to protect the assets.