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Investment Management

Instead of taking a cookie-cutter approach to design a program for our clients, we listen to their needs and then create a customized plan that will help them pursue the financial confidence and success they envision.

Our customized asset management solutions aim to maximize after-tax return for every level of risk. When striving to accomplish these objectives, we work closely with each client to create and manage a diversified investment portfolio, closely monitor its performance and re-balance or reallocate funds when necessary.

We integrate both active and passive portfolio management into after-tax strategies across all appropriate asset classes. In an effort to be fully transparent and prudent, we work with each client to develop a fee structure that reflects his or her specific investment strategy and asset level.

We use traditional asset allocation and overlay a forward-looking assessment of potential risk. Historical volatility and return is important to consider, but with the ever-changing market, we look at historic data, while still considering risks and consequences of the current market. When the market is on the upside, it is generally easy to make money, but when markets go down, we hope our clients really see our value and the protective strategies we offer.

We put our clients in a position so that when the market experiences periods of extreme duress, we can act strategically for them. How clients act during periods of market duress can have a significant impact on their success. We build portfolios that make it easier to make sound decisions at the most difficult times.